From the BIS Website

James Murphy has a long and storied relationship with Tim Sweeney of Beats In Space. From what I can tell Murphy first made an appearance on the NYU radio show back in May 2002 and has appeared another five times since, most recently on August 16, 2011.

One thing you’ll notice after listening to a few of the playlists is that the two are more than just acquaintances. They seem like pretty good friends, teasing one another and rarely, if ever taking anything seriously.

I get the impression that this is also the way James approaches his mixing: casually. Sometimes the beats don’t match, sometimes there is an abrupt cut to another track and sometimes he even talks and mumbles over the song while it’s playing.

One thing he never takes casually, however, is the selection of music. Murphy always surfaces some of the deepest and best disco around.

Listen to the latest mix here: