New York-based duo (formerly a trio) Chairlift are due to release their sophomore album Something on January 24 via Columbia. If you’re not into waiting you can go ahead and stream the full album over at KCRW’s website. And if you’re even less patient you can see which songs I’ve picked as standouts past the jump.

After first listen I think it’s a pretty strong album overall. As Stereogum writer corban points out, the album goes in a number of different directions, from new wave to electro-inspired dance numbers all the way to sultry R&B. And while I think Chairlift pulls this off fairly well, I worry about how this would translate to a live performance. I can’t imagine that they would perform with only two people but to successfully translate such diverse production to the stage will at the least require a lot of preparation and at the most more than four musicians.

The band has also announced a tour in Europe and North America. Click here to see when they come to your city.

Here is a short list of the strong tracks off of Something:

02. Wrong Opinion (starts around 4:00)
05. Ghost Tonight (16:15)
08. Met Before (28:20)
11. Guilty as Charge (38:02)

Via Stereogum