There has been some great music washing ashore as summer gets into full swing. Click past the jump and you’ll find the best of these fresh tunes to add to your playlist.

“Night and Day (2 Bears feat. Trim edit)”
Artist: Hot Chip
Album: Night and Day

There is a nice balance struck here between rapper Trim’s deep East London accent and Alexis Taylor’s silky smooth cantation. Add some factory synth and breaks on production from 2 Bears and you’ve got a rolling dance number to open up the floor.

“I am the sun (Kamp! remix)”
Artist: Twilite

Kamp! have been a big blip on the radar ever since The Magician started off his follow up to the all-time-favorite Magic Tape 13 with their single “Cairo.” Here they’ve taken an acoustic indie folk song and turned it into something you’d want to hear at a  beach-side cocktail hour in Barcelona, soaking in sunset.

“Your Love Ain’t Fair”
Artist: Simian Mobile Disco
Album: Unpatterns

Unpatterns makes it clear that gone are the pop and glitz days for Simian Mobile Disco. Rarely do they get out of the greyscale on this album but Your Love Ain’t Fair shows that when they do, great production and patience make for a steamy combination to finish a night with.

“Jelly Babies”
Artist: Hot Chip
Album: Night and Day

This reminds me of something you’d hear out of DFA or one of the lesser known tracks from Simian Mobile Disco’s sophomore album. The buildup is solid and breaks with a Rapture-esque horn solo. Probably a good track for reflection on a plane ride home.