Still from Pépito Bleu (Teaser)

It will be four years this February since Frenchman Sébastian Tellier released “Sexuality”, a generally well-received album that features some premium production from none other than Guy-Manuel of Daft Punk. I still find myself cranking up the opening synth stabs from the single “Kilometer” and head-bobbing to the rolling R&B bass line in “Pomme”. Since then it seems Tellier has turned his focus from feelings below the waist to those of the spirit.

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The one who got away...

Jon Caramanica of the New York Times recently wrote off the entirety of 2011 as a waste for major-label rock music in a fairly damning article. And while it’s hard to feel for major-label music in the first place, there was a time not so long ago that mainstream rock could satisfy even the most critical of rock fans.

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Top 11 tracks from 2011

It’s almost all she wrote on another year. They keep getting faster and the hangovers keep getting longer. All in all it was a decent year for music that had a solid start thanks to an incredible SXSW and a strong finish with the release of In The Grace of Your Love, the first album from The Rapture in five years.

What better way to recap 2011 than through the music that became its soundtrack? Feel free to debate and discuss or add your own to the ‘List of Notables’ in the comments section.

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Harlem playing For No One

The energy of hundreds or thousands of liquor-soaked party people often becomes the precious fuel that keeps rock groups going through relentless tours, annoying press gigs and grueling recording sessions.

Imagine that you are one of these lucky groups who regularly plays to capacity crowds. You show up to one of your scheduled venues, set up your equipment and check the sound. This time, however, when you walk out to play, the dance floor is empty.

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Screenshot from my DAW

I have a new found appreciation for producers. After spending a week and a half cutting, mixing, fading, enveloping, filtering and layering samples over and over again until I thought I would go deaf and dumb, I have finally posted my first-ever remix into the DFA “How Deep Is Your Love?” Remix Contest.

Even though they gave us the bits and pieces to start with, arranging them and changing them into something that sounds like a somewhat decent song has not been easy. With that said, it is really quite amazing how much you can do with a laptop and very little musical talent. And no, I’m not talking about Skrillex.

Check it out and let me know what you think. Also be sure to check out the other entries by going to the group page for the contest.

My remix here:

Also, here is a list of my equipment:

Workstation: Apple MacBook Pro 17″
DAW: Ableton Live 7
VSTs: Moog Modular V

Image via Stereogum

I was pretty skeptical when news first broke that there was going to be a Hollywood adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s bestselling novel The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Would Daniel Craig be the right actor to cast in the role of an aging, out-of-shape Swedish journalist? Will the screenwriters soften Lisbeth’s character so as to not offend conservative American audiences? Judging by how good the trailers are, we have reason to look forward to both the film and the original soundtrack.

Click past the jump to watch the teaser and check out the cover from Trent Reznor and Karen O.

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Back at the beginning of November famed DJ and producer Morgan Geist made a long-awaited appearance on Tim Sweeney’s NYU radio show Beats in Space. Beyond the great selection of new and old music, it’s a good listen for the commentary we get from Geist at the beginning of the set – particularly how he feels about Pitchfork giving his 2008 album Double Night Time a sub-par review and how his former project Metro Area got a little long in the tooth.

Give it a whirl at the link below if you want to lose yourself in an hour and a half of solid Detroit house.

Link >>>

Unkown Mortal Orchestra

Every now and then it’s good to balance a serious dance music diet with a healthy dose of rock. Lately I’ve been digging on some solid garage rock bands that have bubbled up to the top of what’s been a fairly quiet genre over the last ten years.

Jump past the break to check them out. Feel free to share some of your favorites too.

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From the GTAIV trailer.

The trailer for Grand Theft Auto V has been flying around the internet at breakneck speed today. This should not come as a surprise considering that GTAIV found its way into the hands of more than 3.5 million gamers on the first day of availability, garnering upwards of $500 million in sales after only being on the shelf for a week. And while there are already fans taking apart the trailer piece-by-piece to understand what they can look forward to, I want to focus on the music.

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For a true audiophile, nothing is more important than a good pair of headphones. In a sense they are like tires to a car. If the tires are hard and balding, then even a Porsche Caymen will drive like a ’91 Volvo station wagon.

For headphones, if the drivers are small and tinny, not even bass from the loudest Deadmau5 song will make it through. But with the flood of headphones on the market that has come with the high-tide of digital music, how do you know which pair to buy?

Click past the jump to find a short list of some good headphones on the market along with a bit of information on why to buy (or not to buy).

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