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When my brother’s not not writing professional articles for a world-leading energy industry publication, he uses his skill and command of the English language to write really interesting articles about music. This week he joined millions of others around the world to watch an online screening of ‘Don’t Think’, the new concert movie based on The Chemical Brothers’ famed live act, and took some time to put his thoughts down on paper. He is letting me publish it here. Click past the jump to read more.

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I recommend getting the iTunes pass.

On June 22, 2010, The Chemical Brothers released Further, their eighth full-length album. For what was already destined to be one of, if not the greatest catalogs of electronic music by a single group, this short-but-sweet release takes their body of work a full step forward by offering fans the complete Chem Bros experience from the get go – a journey for the eyes, ears and feet.

As those who have been lucky enough to catch the duo live know, a critical element to a Chemical Brothers performance lies in their unique ability to match sound with sight. That is, a visual setting that goes beyond simply LEDs, fog machines and lasers.

Whether you enjoy Further entirely in one sitting or take it piece-by-piece, marvel at the way Tom Rowlands and Ed Simon can match spacey big-beat dance music with simple but elegant scenes that push visual boundaries while not distracting listeners from the music itself.

My personal favorites are ‘Another World‘ and ‘Swoon‘. Below you will find links and some screens of my favorite scenes.

This is a still from Snow.

This is a still from Escape Velocity.

This one reminded me of the Day/Night short at the beginning of Toy Story 3. It would be cooler if it was in 3D though...