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Screenshot from my DAW

I have a new found appreciation for producers. After spending a week and a half cutting, mixing, fading, enveloping, filtering and layering samples over and over again until I thought I would go deaf and dumb, I have finally posted my first-ever remix into the DFA “How Deep Is Your Love?” Remix Contest.

Even though they gave us the bits and pieces to start with, arranging them and changing them into something that sounds like a somewhat decent song has not been easy. With that said, it is really quite amazing how much you can do with a laptop and very little musical talent. And no, I’m not talking about Skrillex.

Check it out and let me know what you think. Also be sure to check out the other entries by going to the group page for the contest.

My remix here:

Also, here is a list of my equipment:

Workstation: Apple MacBook Pro 17″
DAW: Ableton Live 7
VSTs: Moog Modular V


The guy on keys is a Grace Jones fan.

Next week The Rapture will come to Austin to play at La Zona Rosa. While I have yet to delve too deep into their catalog, the multitude of house DJs throwing the group’s latest single ‘How Deep is Your Love‘ into mixes turned my eyes and ears.

The Rapture got all the right ingredients together for the song – driving piano riff, thick square signal bass line, sax solo – and at times you probably swear you’ve heard it before. Regardless, it’s hard to escape the fact that the track makes you want to jump.

For those who won’t get to see The Rapture live check out the following videos of them playing at SPIN Magazine’s headquarters in Manhattan.

Watch the videos here.